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breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, bakery products and home-made waffles, always fresh

We believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At least for us it is. And we want it to be for you too. That is why we have lots of options, but not too much so that you´ll be able to choose. And that is why we are always introducing something different, something special. We just love to discover new flavors.

#breakfasttoasts are a good option with one or two extra ingredients, but our
#cerealbowls will be your total favorites if you like to start your day healthy. The
#bakeryproducts are just as delicious, provided by the local town bakery and our
#homemadewaffles are made right on the spot, with sugar-free dough. Sip on a
#100%naturalfruitsmoothie and you´ll have all the energy to kick off your day.

Well, don´t forget that life happens, coffee helps. #keepinmind

*bread options for toasts: white, wholemeal, rye, gluten-free, multicereals

made to order, fresh, tasty, prepared for you

Who doesn´t like to take a bite of a fresh and crispy ciabatta? And when it´s filled with all the delicious ingredients, it is even better. Be it salmon with yogurt sauce, turkey club, tuna with nuts and apple or a szimple ham and cheese, it definitely cures the hunger. And if not, you can always ask for another one.

*bread options for sandwiches: white ciabatta, rye, wholemeal